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New Strong bracekt for 1800~3000W motor
72 pcs 10G nipples with # 14 thread for #14 sprokes and tool 30 USD
36V 2.5A charger 39USD
24V 40A charger 259USD
Brake lever with power cut off switch for cyclone controller 15USD
PAS for Cyclone controller 10USD
3 speeds and cruise controller switch for cyclone controlelr 20USD
for all Brake motor power cut off switch for cyclone controller 18USD
cyclone 60V BMS 20S for LiFepo4 with 2.5A 60V Charger (99USD )
cyclone 60V BMS 20S for LiFepo4 (69USD )
cyclone 72V BMS 24S for LiFepo4 with 2.5A 60V Charger (119USD )
cyclone 72V BMS 24S for LiFepo4 (89USD )
19 USD 50A Power braker for kelly controller and all motor power below 1680W
18 pcs 3 mm thick 20mm high big cooling fins ( no more over heat)


49 USD dual 100A Power braker with DC 24~72V remote shunt trip
28USD 12" alloy wheel with disc mount for 10mm axle , including 2 1/2" tire

PAS + 25km/h speed limiter suitable for 28", 27", 26", 24", 20", 18", 16" and 12" wheel PAS and speed limiter work with cyclone controller Now , from 200W to 3000W cyclone motor all can use with The PAS and speed limier.

100 USD 2x 20" wheel ( R/L) with brake for recumbent or wheel chair
49USD rear Shock Air 218g 165mm
2 tools 20USD
PAS and speed limiter 35USD for 200W-3000W motor kit
B.B. adaptor ( 52mm to 1.37") 20USD
6T sprocket for 12m axle 12USD
3 paws CW13T 1/2x3/32 freewheel 24USD
3 paws CCW13T 1/2x3/32 freewheel 24USD
3 paws CCW14T 1/2x3/32 freewheel 21USD Out of stock
3 paws CW14T 1/2x3/32 freewheel 21USD Out of stock
9pcs small 1mm thick cooling fins
5USD must order with kit

100V 100A Watt meter with speed,Current , battery full-empty ,Voltage, watt. plug-in and play 95USD

Download Watt meter Program
8 T ball bearing idle wheel ( heavy duty)9USD
Alloy motor cover 18USD
259USD NuVinci N170B 18T disc brake mount
14T double freewheel 35USD
double freewheel tool with one oneway bearing 25USD
9 pseed 60 links Q/R chain 10USD
Drum brake Conver to Disc brake, 160mm Disc 41 USD
Drum brake Conver to Disc brake, 140mm Disc 39 USD

Motor cover for 1800-3000W motor kit 19 USD


Motor cover for 7.5kW and 18kw motor kit 22 USD

DC 36-72V Conver to DC 12V Max 10A output 24 USD

recumbent front parts 99 USD
2x 20" front wheel 160USD
recumbent rear rack 35 USD
front wheels connector 45 USD

Store Policies

CYCLONE Taiwan offers the following Warranty and Returns Policy:


We guarantee Motors, purchased from us with a 12 months warranty against defects in quality. Batteries with BMS, Chargers, gear box and throttle have 6 months warranty against defects in quality, . All products are checked for quality before being shipped out.

If you purchased any items which appear to have a problem, please contact us. In most cases we are able to sort out the problem by providing technical support, without your sending anything back. If we cannot resolve the problem by email we will provide you detailed instructions on how to return the item for repair or replacement only. Please do not return anything without first contacting us to obtain authorization. Shipping fees are not refundable.

Any special order or discounted order are no warranty, the buyer need to pay full amount to receive the warranty

7 days return or exchange

Returns or exchanges will only be accepted for defective or damaged products upon shipment and must be authorized by us before the product(s) is returned. We will replace, refund, or credit your account for a returned product(s) at our discretion. Shipping & handling fees are NOT REFUNDABLE. For any exchange or refund, we need the receipt or a record of the purchase in our system, and the product must be in its original condition, including the box, packaging, & accessories.

All our DIY kit and parts' lead time 5~20 days, usually send in 10 day

" Kit": including 180W or 250W or 360W or 500W or 650W or 960W or 1200W or 1500Wbrushless motor with controller, battery lead, throttle, motor bracket, crank set Chain wheel on freewheel .

"Batteries bag and Charger" : including 20Ah 24V SLA battery's bag and 2A charger, batteries charging plug, for 1200W, 1500W kit use please order 2 sets of Batteries bag and Charger ( it need to order with kit)

(LiFePo4 +BMS batteries ready made pack has+1200 cycles or +1800 cycles) We give 6 months limited warranty on our battey packs


All our E-Bike's lead time 5~ 20 days, usually send in 10 days