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Product Lines:
Cyclone Motorized Kits 200W, 250W, 360W, 480W, 500W, 650W,720W, 840W, 960W, 1260W, 1680W, 2000W, 3KW, 6KW, 7.5KW and 20KW
Fast, affordable Electric bikes speed up to 150km/h
LiFePo4 Batteries 12Ah ~100Ah
LiFePo4 Battery packs 24V 12ah, 24V 24Ah, 36V 12ah, 36V 24ah, 48V 12ah, 48V 24ah, 60V 40Ah~100Ah, 72V 20Ah~100Ah, 96V 20ah~80Ah, 120V 20Ah and 120V 40ah, continue discharge up to 200A.
Chargers 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, ,60V,72V, 84V, 96V and 120V
Customized e-bikes top speed up to 150km/h
Rear suspension electric recumbent, Full Suspension electric MTB

Cyclone's latest Powerful motorized kit for Downhill Freeriding mountain bike!

  • 1800-3000W 36-72V 100Nm Turbo power !!
  • Low noise !!
  • 100Km/h 600-1000rpm High speed !!
  • 4.5Kg Light weight BLDC geared Motor !!
  • Waterproof !!
  • Heavy duty with upgraded ISIS BB system !!

500W E-Bike with 24V 10Ah LiFePo4 batteries
960W E-Bike with 36V 10Ah LiFePo4 batteries
BB style motor bracket for 3 chainwheel kit Classic Cyclone e bike with one chainwheel kit
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Nikita electric Motocross made by CYCLONE